Saturday, April 21, 2012

Busy Signal - Come Over - our Grenada serenade

Every day as we go about our onboard chores, tuned in on the local radio stations we hear it. As we walk past rum shops it calls out to us. The blinged out cars driving by broadcast it along with enough bass to rock your soul. As we buzz past marinas and beach bars in our dinghy, and mostly as we sway under the palm trees on Hog Island, this song serenades us. The lilting reggae sound, the sex-in-your-face lyrics, the Caribbean vibe... love it all. I spent the first couple of weeks here trying to remember enough of the lyrics to ask locals what the song was called and who sang it. 

This morning I found it - so happy about this! He is a local singer, based a couple kilometres from where we are. It has become our Grenada song, the song that marks the beginning of this new exciting, unknown life. And for that I just love it!


  1. Hi there, i found your blog via Taru's and me likes! Problem is I can't seem to follow your blog unless I subscribe to Facebook (which on moral grounds, i will not). So is there any way of following your blog sans FB? My husband, labrador and I are planning to set sail in 4 years, once we retire from the Navy so I'm devouring all your new experiences as I'm trying to learn more about living at sea. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Music is fundamental in my life, there are songs for each and every moment adn one single note will bring me back in a heart beat. I love it.