Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Roti at Nimrod's Rum Shop

As promised - the roti post. I've been anxious to try an authentic Grenadian roti since we arrived here and it took us far too long. But thanks to the cruiser's net in the mornings, we found out that a local rum shop, (famous for capturing many cruisers on their way to town, who stop here innocently waiting for the bus, only to be lured in by the first rum and never reaching town), has roti specials on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And by name alone, I was enchanted. A guy named Nimrod's got to make a good roti.

We tied up our dinghy and ventured up the road and there was Nimrod's with a welcome sign. Despite an unexpected and not completely friendly blond who greeted us, we were led around to the kitchen and ordered two rotis - one beef, one chicken.

Margaret served us and she was a doll. Her house was next door and though she was elderly and has lived in Canada and the UK, she was born only a few doors away and has returned to the peacefulness of Grenada.

And then the roti came. And though I am biased as I have LOVED and been loyal to Bacchus roti shop back in Toronto for over 20 years, I had to admit, this was excellent. JW agreed - luckily they gave me my hot sauce on the side!

I'm on a mission now - an easy one for me - to find the best roti in the Caribbean. Stay tuned...

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