Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Checklist for the practical cruiser

“Have you got the headlamp?”
“Yes, have you got the VHF radio?”
“Yep. You got the camera?”
“Affirmative. Have you got our waterproof phone?”
“Let me check. Yep. Is the mast light on?”
“Just doing that. Let’s turn the freezer off while we’re gone.”
Ok, and did you close all the windows? Hatches? Bring in the outdoor cushions and our shoes?
“Ok, done. Did you bring a towel in case we get soaked?”
Got it. Pull up the dinghy, let’s go.”

This is the routine each evening as we head out for one social event or another. I barely remember the days when we would be heading out in a car, not worried about rain or seaspray. Days where you didn’t need a radio in case your dinghy motor doesn’t start and you drift off somewhere… Days where you didn’t need to find a way to save some energy to give the batteries a break…
But those days didn’t allow for massive rainbows and black ominous storms so beautiful you can barely pry yourself away to get the camera out.

Those days didn’t include new adventures, to Nimrod’s roti shop for some local grub and a walk in the hills. But today includes that and I can’t wait. I think I’m salivating. We’re on our way now. Roti post to follow.

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